The framework for this blog has now been adjusted to accept comments.  In the past, it was closed, so people had to email, and then I had to follow up and see if that person wanted me to share, and then I paraphrased instead of just having the comment there.  No more.  Now you can comment directly, so please do!  

It's "moderated" so I see the email first before it gets posted just in case there's something unhinged or otherwise inappropriate, but I would like to encourage dialogue, so have at it.   The number of hits the blog has been getting has been increasing to an amount surprising to me (ok, it's not the Huffington Post, but jeepers, how many people really are riveted to issues like the difference between an appeal or a mandamus?), so I know you are out there.  Please speak up about whatever is on your mind in the wonderful world of appellate law in Maine.  If there's a case, issue, event or question on your mind, pass it on.

Final disclaimer (because after all I am a lawyer):  sending a comment is not hiring or seeking to hire me or anyone in the firm and won't be treated as such.