F. Lee (II)


I am back from vacation in NY and the Jersey Shore (the latter of which still has a ways to go with recuperating from Sandy.  As my sister says, fewer visits from Prince Harry and more from permitting engineers would be welcome).

In response to my May 22 entry about the ruling on F. Lee Bailey's desire to practice in Maine and the single Justice's ruling thereon, I received input from some folks who educated me that a large debt has in fact had adverse impacts in other states on some folks' applications to practice law.  There's a New York decision, and decisions from elsewhere as well.

But hold the phone - while I was being educated in that direction, the single justice went the other way in a reconsideration.  ( Download Order)  So now neither Mr. Bailey's $2 million tax debt nor any of the other issues identified by the Board of Bar Examiners has been deemed to indicate that he has not shown, by clear evidence, his qualifications to practice in Maine.

Now we see whether the Board appeals to the full Court.