Is there an app for that?


Occasionally I like to peek at what's doing in the legal world in my old stomping grounds, Chicago.  Here's an interesting claim in a case chockful of colorful developments, the trial and conviction of now ex-governor Rod Blagojevich.  While there has been lots written about various legal issues regarding the legal consequences of the use of social media (e.g. is it ethical to "friend" the other side's witness? etc.), I haven't seen this particular situation discussed in the case law or other legal authority before.  

Blagojevich's latest defense team just filed a 158 page motion for a new trial.…/blagojevich-motion-new-trial.pdf

After the tapes of the governor's profanity-strewn statements became public, a Springfield IL newspaper converted various of these taped snippets into download-able ringtones.  Tens of thousands of people downloaded them, including, according to the motion, a juror. ("Juror 160 had downloaded the 'f-ing golden' wiretap recording onto his cell phone as his ringtone. This alone should have rendered Juror 160 unsuitable for jury service on this case….every time his cell phone rang, he heard a piece of government evidence…").

The government's response to the motion is due shortly.