Judge Judy comes to Maine

No, not that Judge Judy.  The Hon. Judith Kaye, Chief Judge in New York.  She will be giving the Coffin Lecture on Nov. 6 at USM from 5:50-7:30 pm – to go, call 780-4344.

CJ Kaye became an Associate Judge of the New York Court of Appeals in 1983, and was then elevated to CJ in 1993 by Gov. Cuomo.  She will be stepping down this year when she reaches the mandatory retirement age of 70.  Perhaps the most interesting thing she’s done lately is sue the Governor for refusing to raise the pay of the state’s 1300 judges.  (Their pay currently ranges from $108,800 to $156,000.  I think Maine’s range is from about $105,000+ to $120,000+.  It’s a little more expensive to live in some places in NY, or so I’ve heard, and the NY salary is less that for many NY first year associates.)

I’ve met CJ Kaye, heard her speak, and was actually mooted by her long ago in an appellate practice training program (Judge Selya was on that panel, too – both were very kind). 

She will no doubt have lots of interesting things to say and I look forward to hearing her speak.


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