Maybe Justice Jabar should give John Henry a call?


First, thanks to those readers who passed on that they are glad I am back to blogging again after my month-long hiatus.  Per my previous entry, to try to blog more often, I'm going to keep try to keep these entries short.

Last Friday I went to the Red Mass and the luncheon afterward.  Among those present were Justices Alexander and Clifford (Active Ret.), and the speaker at the luncheon was Justice Jabar.

It was an excellent event, and I learned at least two interesting things:

– Justice Jabar managed to give a great history of the Maronites in 30 minutes – there's an example of being concise! – and I learned lots about them that I did not know; and

- Justice Jabar has hidden depths (at least to me) as a baseball pitcher.    See

As that linked summary indicates, he was with the Seattle Pilots (now Milwaukee Brewers) and had a "sparkling" ERA. 

I know a baseball team that could use someone like that.