No to NOM


Last week, the First Circuit came out with two important decisions rejecting First Amendment challenges by the National Organization for Marriage against election  disclosure rules in Maine and Rhode Island. (NOM v. Mckee) (NOM v. Daluz).  

We co-wrote an amicus brief supporting Rhode Isand's position in Daluz on behalf of GLAD, in conjunction with Tom Bender on behalf of Common Cause of Rhode Island.  Here's a link to what we filed.(

I'm not going to discuss the substance of the cases and rulings yet, because there's one more to go on Maine disclosure rules, to be argued on September 14.  We filed an amicus brief in that appeal too, on behalf of GLAD.  Here's a link.  (? ).

So at this point, here's just a shout out to Tom Bender and our own Mike Daly for doing the yeoman's work on the Rhode Island case.  More to come.