pet clams and the first circuit — but first ….

So my flurry of conferences ended last week with the First Circuit's Judicial Conference in Boston Thursday and Friday.  It was a jam-packed session with lots of interesting speakers and news about which I shall blog anon, but first things first.  More importantly, apparently Judge Lipez hottailed it down to Washington as soon as the conference was done in order to officiate in the marriage of a law professor to Jeff Pidot's son:

Jeff Pidot was a very excellent chief of the natural resources division in the Maine AG's office.   Apparently, according to the article, his son is a chip of the old block, working in the appellate section of  the natural resources division of the US DOJ.  He couldn't've had a better example to follow than his padre.  

Next entry I shall report on the conference in Boston, including about Justice Breyer's pet clam, so stay tuned.

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