The Beat Goes On

So, as some of my loyal readers may have heard, I am off to other adventures. After 11+ years of beavering away on this blog, commenting on “interesting” decisions emanating from the Maine Supreme Judicial Court, it looks like I will now be participating in issuing those “interesting” opinions. Let’s hope those black robes are slimming!

It’s been fun working on this blog these many years – at least for me. Some of you might have grown a little weary about my fascination with Rule 80Bs and 80Cs, and I did sometimes have a tendency to blather on as to certain issues that might have aided insomniacs to get a good night’s sleep. But I have been pleasantly surprised by how many appellate jockeys there seem to be in Vacationland – and elsewhere – reading the blog, and apparently equally fascinated with pondering the many different levels of deference, preservation issues, and other matters scintillating to me/us, but perhaps not the general population.

If this is making you sad as to demise of, do not fear! My colleague here at Pierce Atwood (well, ex-colleague now) and fan of all things appellate, Joshua Dunlap, is taking up the pen (or more accurately, the keystrokes). Feel free to give him your feedback on how he’s doing –, if you can’t manage the comment button on the webpage. This blog was begun for my own entertainment, but also for that of my readers. So let him know what’s working and what isn’t, what you’d like to see more of, etc. Don’t be shy! Maybe there should be t-shirts!

He’s promised me keep blogging frequently, and his first entry should be coming up anon.

Again, faithful readers, it’s been a pleasure. Leb wohl, adieu, and so long…   


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