Goose Rocks again

So the Maine SJC came down with its long awaited reconsideration decision in the Goose Rocks beach case.  I am catching another plane, so before I blog on this, here's some homework:

Here are links to the previous blogs on that case (Back in the saddle, More about agency deference; looming arguments; and youtube, Goose Rocks, muskets and takings law, Goose Rocks Response, Goose Rocks redux – hold the phone! ).  Here's a link to the new decision (2014 ME 139).  Here's a link to a lengthy order on the motion to reconsider issued with the new decision (Order).  And here's a red line between the old and new decision (Download Redline). 

One big mystery here is why did the SJC issue that lengthy order on consideration in addition to the new decision?  My unscientific research indicates that this is unprecedented.  So scrutinize the contents of that order compared to the new decisions and when I get back Monday, let's talk.

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