History of the Maine Courts


When is the Court the Law Court, and when is it the Supreme Judicial Court? Why is it the Supreme Judicial Court and not the Supreme Court — isn’t "Supreme Judicial" redundant? For the answers to these and other questions no doubt pressing on everyone’s mind daily, at long last, as promised, here is the history of the Maine Court System! (up to 2004). Download history_of_maine_courts_w1041366.PPS (Please note this is a large file and make take a few minutes to launch).

This has sound and animation, so if you hear nothing, something has gone awry. This was a presentation made by Pierce Atwood’s Chieftains (Chief Justices McKusick and Wathen) to the firm attorneys a few years back. Unfortunately, we did not capture their running commentaries along with these sound effects, but I hope you get the gist.

If the current Chief would like to add an update, we would, of course, welcome all input. The business court, for example, was just a twinkle in the Court’s eye at the time of this presentation, but is now it is a reality. Some of the faces have changed in the photos, as time marches on. I hope, however, that this presents an informative summary from inception in 1820 for at least the next few centuries.

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