The Mills Brothers – and sisters

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Per my recent blog, I attended the Maine Historical Society’s event honoring the Mills family (Dora, Janet, Paul and Peter), and, as anticipated, it was a delightful event.  If we were all as involved in our communities as each of these folks, the world would be a different (and better) place.  Dora Mills has even worked with Mother Theresa!

As we went into the event, there were about 20 picketers.  They were there, I believe, to protest the AG’s defense in a pending law suit and related litigation.  The suit was filed by the Penobscot Indians, and they claim that the Main Stem of the Penobscot River at Indian Island and northward at least falls within their Reservation so that they, among other things, should be able to regulate its use.  Attorney General Mills responds that the Settlement Acts entered into in 1980 are clear and provide otherwise, with the State regulating the River as it has since becoming a state in 1820.  We represent a coalition of users of the River who support the State’s position.

The AG being the AG, she went out to meet the picketers and talk with them.  If you are interested in the issues, here’s a copy of our motion for judgment on the pleadings.


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