They speak!

Recently, folks have sent me links to Supreme Court Justices giving presentations which could be of interest.

First, here's one with Justice Kennedy, explaining what a brief needs to be – (e.g. "Q: What are the qualities of a good prose style that you admire? A: It must be lucid, cogent, succinct, interesting, informative, and convincing."  welll, alrighty then.)

The law net has similar interviews of all the Justices, CJ Roberts on down (or across, or whatever the correct way to state this is) -  check out and make your way to the interviews on line.

Second, Justice Souter recently shared his thoughts about the Constitution in a conversation with Margaret Warner, senior correspondent with PBS Nightly News Hour, as a part of “Constitutionally Speaking,” a program to engage the public, especially students K-12, in civic education and study of the Constitution in New Hampshire.  Shades of the Maine SJC's Tour o'Maine, the event took place before high school students, and the video will be used in classrooms throughout the state.  Here what they asked and how the now frequent happy visitor to the First Circuit answered in has more information on the project and upcoming events.


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