Upcoming arguments


I really am getting to the decisions from August, but first a quick note on upcoming oral arguments of interest at the SJC [http://www.courts.state.me.us/maine_courts/supreme/oral_arguments.shtml].

Remember, you can hear live streaming of these arguments - they don't get posted, so you need to be at your computer when they are argued. 

On September 13, at 11:30 am there are a couple of certified questions on liability under the MTCA and rules of construction of insurance policies, and at 2:55 the same day, another argument in the neverending saga of the constitutional challenges to SORNA (sex offender registration), including a Section 1988 fee issue.  The rest of the arguments run the gamut – divorce, criminal law, workers comp etc.  Remember, the October arguments are the annual Tour of Maine all around the state at schools.  I don't know if those will get streamed.  So if you want to be sure of hearing some arguments soon while sitting in your office or wherever in your jammies, September is your opportunity.  Donald Macomber is the AG office's usual criminal appellate advocate and very good, so if you have an upcoming criminal appeal and want to hear how it's done, listen to one of his arguments.  Similarly, James Macadam is the workers comp advocate – he's probably done more oral arguments in front of the SJC than I have -  so if you are interested in oral advocacy in that area, there's an appeal for you to listen to, too. 

The best way to train in oral argument is to do oral argument.  But hearing others do it may be the next best thing.